Objectives for Competency # 3

May 14, 2014

(a) Describe the role of mathematics and science in technological development.
(b) Construct a mathematical model for a known technological system.
(c) Explain the scientific principles behind a basic machine.


Objectives for Competency # 2

May 14, 2014

a)Explain various measuring systems and their base units.

(b) Demonstrate applications of precision measuring instruments to describe parts and inspect artifacts.
(c) Perform keyboard functions using a scientific, hand-held calculator.
(d) Create an Excel spreadsheet to perform basic arithmetic and algebraic computations on data related to an engineering design problem.
(e) Use laboratory tools and equipment to determine the properties of materials.

Objectives for Competency # 1

May 14, 2014

(a) Describe the role of problem identification, problem definition, search, constraints, criteria, alternative solutions, analysis, decision, specification, and communication as activities comprising the engineering design process.
(b) Organize the iterative processes necessary to develop and optimize a design solution.
(c) Apply engineering design to the solution of a problem.

Rubrics And Compentencies

May 14, 2014

rubricBasic Fundamentals of CNC Mill Operations
Competency 1– Students will demonstrate the engineering design process.
Competency 2 – Students will solve problems using basic engineering tools and resources.
Competency 3– Students will use visual and verbal communication to express basic design elements
Competency 4– Students will demonstrate prototype development.

Students will be given the standards and be given a list of objectives which are followed by a set of assignments and assessments. Sometimes students can do assignments that are projected based without knowing that they are covering are learning desiginated standards.This is one of the more easier ways to to assess students when they complete the projects.

Data Driven Instruction

May 14, 2014

The Data Driven Instruction, Analytics, Reporting Tools quest examines the use of data driven instruction and the role of analytics and reporting tools within successful online instruction.

The data shows that can instructor can plan accordingly based on the size of his class.

Also shown in the student progress is that as instructions was given over a 2 week period , there was a gradual increases of students making  better grades and at two  point, there  peaks of performance. The instructor can review his teaching strategies and find what causes these increases and try to repeat those strategies. Also, he may review his teaching strategies during the time there were below average performances and improver there also.

Summative Assessment

May 14, 2014




The above assessment was created in http://www.discoveryeducation.com.The assessments can be assigned to any student, group or any particular class
at any designated time.
Each participant must enter their personalized ID to take the assessment.

Quality Feedback

May 14, 2014

 Feedback Guidelines:

  • Expectations for quality feedback include the following:
  • Customized feedback is provided that is not only encouraging, but propels the student to strive for better performance or for deeper thought and application
  • Student data drives the feedback provided as individual feedback, as well as the class as a whole
  • Teacher is not only assessing current progress on individual items, but is also analyzing each student’s continuous progress from grade item to grade item and communicates the progress to all stakeholders
  • Instructor clearly strives to assist students meet and exceed expectations and considers feedback as the cornerstone of that success.


             Sample Work:

levels of student work

Formative Assessments

May 14, 2014

Teaching Shop Safety

Shop safety is high priority in an Engineering and Technology Class.

A simple formative assessment will evaluate the students  prior knowledge , current knowledge of lab safety. It will give the instructor a starting point  for instructions.

Formative Assessment

Aggregating Lesson Material

May 13, 2014

Three tools that can be used to aggregate and present learning material.
1)http://www.discoveryeducation.com/..Free for teachers
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Principles of Building Portable Learning Objects

May 13, 2014

Learn how to read a ruler

Interact with learning