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Answers to Safety Quiz

September 14, 2013

These are the correct responses to the safety quiz.

  Turn in your scored quiz

  1. D
  2. C
  3. D
  4. A
  5. D
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C
  10. C
  11. B
  12. D
  13. A
  14. D
  15. A
  16. B
  17. A
  18. C
  19. B
  20. D
  21. D
  22. C
  23. D

Safety Evaluation

September 2, 2013

Machine Safety Evaluation

       Assignment # 9

You must get this evaluation 100% correct before you can   use lab equipment


1.   The government agency responsible for creating and enforcing safety rules and regulations at the workplace is:

            a.   USSA

            b.   OSSA

            c.   OSHA

            d.   NIOSH


2.   By law you are required to wear ________when working in a  production area.

            a.   Safety Glasses

            b.   Steel toed shoes

            c.   tight fitting clothes

            d.   None of the above


3.   OSHA stands for

a.   Occupational Safety and Health Administration

b.   Occupational Supervisors of Health and Activities

c.   Occupational Safety Housing and Actions

d.   None of these.


4.   When you must use a machine that you haven’t been trained on you should

a.   go ahead but be careful.

b.   not use the machine and ask for help.

c.   read up on the machine and go ahead with your job.

d.   get a partner and go ahead with your work.


5.   T/F   Loose clothing is a safety hazard.



6.   Keep hands away from machine parts that

            a.   cut

            b.   pinch

            c.   press

            d.   all of the above


7.   T/F   Do not remove safety guards from machines.


8.   You should remove unnecessary items and clutter from the work area 

            a.   before beginning a job

            b.   after completing a job

            c.   during clean-up time

            d.   when it gets in the way


9.   Before making adjustments to any machine you first should

            a.   get permission

            b.   disconnect the power to the machine

            c.   make sure your measurements are correct

            d.   Clean the work area


10.   The body parts most likely to be injured are

            a.   Arms, hands and fingers

            b.   Legs, feet and toes

            c.   Head,
face and eyes

            d.   Stomach and chest


11.    Never attempt to clean a machine with 

            a.   a dust brush

            b.   steel wool

            c.   WD40

            d.   your bare hands


12.    ___________ causes accidents

            a.   an angry student

            b.   an overconfident student           c.         human error

            d.   all of the above.


13.    Most accidents happen at

            a.   work

            b.   athletic events

            c.   home

            d.   school


14.    Safety Color Yellow means

a.   caution

b.   warning

c.   stop, danger, fire

d.   start or safety info


15.    Safety Color Orange means

a.   caution

b.   warning

c.   stop, danger, fire

d.   start or safety info



16.    Safety Color Green means

      a.   caution

      b.   warning

      c.   stop, danger, fire

      d.   start or safety info


17.    Safety Color Red means

      a.   caution

      b.   warning

  1. stop, danger, fire
  2. start or safety info



18.    If something goes wrong with a machine you should

a.   stop immediately and report it         to the instructor

b.   try to fix it immediately

c.   leave the machine running

d.   finish what you were doing then report it.


19.    If an accident happens to you or someone else

a.   tough it out and get the job                   done.

b.   wait until you finish and then report it

c.   report it immediately

d.   only report it if it’s a major one


20.    T/F   Never distract a machine operator while they are using a machine.


  1. Loose clothing and jewelry present what type of hazard?
  2. Slipping and falling
  3. Fire
  4. Could get caught in or on moving parts
  5. None


  1. The Table Saw is used to rip or cut wood to
  2. Width
  3. Length
  4. A specific angle
  5. All of the above


23.    The Drill Press is used to

  1. Drill holes in material
  2. Cut material to length
  3. Rip material to width
  4. None of these operations