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Remedial Plan with Learning Contract

October 15, 2013


                    Benjamin Banneker High School

               Individualized Student Remediation Plan

Student Name Course
Teacher Date                                             Period

Currently in this class you have a grade of ________________%. In order to try and raise your grade before the end of the semester and to improve your skills in this area, you need to successfully complete the following tasks(indicated below). If you do not fulfill the requirement of this Remediation Plan, you are in danger of failing this course. Completion of this plan does not guarantee that will pass the course, but it will provide an opportunity to recover missed skills and improve your grade.

____Attend mandatory tutorial sessions on Thursdays at 4pm

____Complete personalized recovery assignments by_____________that were asasigned on ________

____Make up missed assignments (list attached to this form) by_________________________________

____Retake quizzes/test or by_________________________________________

____Improve your attentiveness in class, avoiding instances of _________________________________

____Complete all class sessions, unless excused for medical reasons.

____Bring all materials to class every day( texts pens, pencil,paper, etc.)


Student Signature_______________________________________         Date_______________________


Learning Contract:


I Will Keep Track of My Learning

October 14, 2013

Name________________________________ Date______________________________

My Learning Goal: _____________


My present grade is __________________

I want my grade to be _________________ by this date:_______________________________


These are the things that I am going to do to improve my grade.




























90   to100























80   to 90

























70   to 80






















0   to 70























Help! I have a low grade

September 27, 2013

To All Engineering Students:………… August  2015 thru May 2016

If you are disappointed with your   progress report, do not fret.”.

Please use the table below  to make up  work to improve your grade in this  class.

If you desire a hands on project instead of written work, see me for details  for your project.

Use this table if you received a “Missing  Assignment or Can Do better” comment or wish to improve your grade  in this class. If you have NHI’s in your  assessments, you can also have them removed by completing  chapter work or  completing a hands on project.

Progress Report Grade Number of assignments to be made up
0-49 Chapters 1-6 & Associated Worksheets
50-59 Chapters 1-5 & Associated Worksheets
60-69 Chapters 1-4 & Associated Worksheets
70-79 Chapters 1-3 & Associated Worksheets
80-89 Chapters 1-2 & Associated Worksheets
90-100 Chapter  1 & Associated Worksheet

Do This :

Watch these Chapter PowerPoints  and answer the associated questions  on the worksheets

Where are the worksheets?

If your parent or guardian would like an explanation, please have him/her email me at

You may email all completed assignments to

Make-up day is also Thursday after school from 4 to 5 pm.

Swing bus is available.