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Learning Styles

October 16, 2013

 How Do I know Which Group Am I

12.1 True Colors

Grouping by Pretest for reading a ruler 2014


Remedial Plan with Learning Contract

October 15, 2013


                    Benjamin Banneker High School

               Individualized Student Remediation Plan

Student Name Course
Teacher Date                                             Period

Currently in this class you have a grade of ________________%. In order to try and raise your grade before the end of the semester and to improve your skills in this area, you need to successfully complete the following tasks(indicated below). If you do not fulfill the requirement of this Remediation Plan, you are in danger of failing this course. Completion of this plan does not guarantee that will pass the course, but it will provide an opportunity to recover missed skills and improve your grade.

____Attend mandatory tutorial sessions on Thursdays at 4pm

____Complete personalized recovery assignments by_____________that were asasigned on ________

____Make up missed assignments (list attached to this form) by_________________________________

____Retake quizzes/test or by_________________________________________

____Improve your attentiveness in class, avoiding instances of _________________________________

____Complete all class sessions, unless excused for medical reasons.

____Bring all materials to class every day( texts pens, pencil,paper, etc.)


Student Signature_______________________________________         Date_______________________


Learning Contract:

I Will Keep Track of My Learning

October 14, 2013

Name________________________________ Date______________________________

My Learning Goal: _____________


My present grade is __________________

I want my grade to be _________________ by this date:_______________________________


These are the things that I am going to do to improve my grade.




























90   to100























80   to 90

























70   to 80






















0   to 70























Differentiation by Glasser’s Choice

October 10, 2013
Choose a Project Below Student Enrolled Student Enrolled


CNC Machine   Tools 1    

Robotics 1


CNC Machine Tools 2


Graphic Design


AC/DC Systems


Electrical Controls


Desktop Publishing


Measurement Tools


Mechanical Systems






Thermal Systems







Structural Engineering



Pneumatic Systems



Machine Tools 1

Internet Marketing




Robotics 2




If You Finish Early

October 9, 2013

It is a known fact that students work at different paces.

If you finish your work /project ahead of schedule, take the opportunity to investigate several of the exciting Trainers in the lab.

The Most Popular…………..The CNC Mill

You can always get bonus points and extra credit work working on the mill, assisting others with the mill or just experimenting with different ideas.

The Next Most Popular………………The Robot

If you like robots and like to make the robot move at your command, then try  the robot trainer.

You can make the robot:

1)Play checkers

2) Write your name

3) Disarm  a rat trap

You will be surprised at  what you can make the robot do with your mind

The Next Most Popular………………The Pneumatic  Trainer

If you like air systems and hydraulics, and would like to learn how these systems work, then  try the pneumatic trainer

There are several opportunities to learn different topics in this lab.

Don’t waste your time

One of our Mottos is: We don’t play computer games, we make computer games

Try out the Scratch program and see what you can create

Chapter 1 Worksheets

September 28, 2013

Chapter 2 Worksheets

September 28, 2013

Chapter 3 Worksheets

September 28, 2013

Chapter 4 Worksheets

September 28, 2013

Chapter 5 Worksheets

September 28, 2013