Mr. Buffington’s Engineerng And Technology Class


One Response to “Mr. Buffington’s Engineerng And Technology Class”

  1. Mr. Buffington Says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog
    This blog was created to give my engineering students quick access to all of the lessons that are currently being covered. Students who miss assignments for any reason can make up the assignments and continue to be successful in class. All assignments are aligned with Georgia Performance Standards which demands rigor, relevance and connectivity.

    The performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.” The performance standards isolate and identify the skills needed to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information. They also tell the teacher how to assess the extent to which the student knows the material or can manipulate and apply the information.
    The performance standard incorporates the content standard, which simply tells the teacher what a student is expected to know (i.e., what concepts he or she is expected to master). Additionally, it adds to these concepts by providing three additional items: suggested tasks, sample student work, and teacher commentary on that work.

    Once again thank you for visiting my blog and feel free to use any of the educational materials utilized here and tell all of your colleagues.
    I hope there is something here to help you in your chosen profession
    Engineering Instructor Industry Certified
    Founder of Fulton County Annual Hovercraft Competition which is in it’s 8th year

    TSA Sponsor
    Former America Online Science & Math Teacher and Chat Room Host: LDRS HOST ATZ

    FIRST Robotics Student Advisor
    BEST Robotics Student Advisor
    YouTube Educational & Entertainment Channel

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