My Teaching Philosophy
1.As I reflect on my teaching strategies and lessons, most of my students were 80 to 90% fully engaged. There will always be some goof-offs independent of how interesting or engaging an activity is viewed.

2. During my instructions, my instructional goals were met and evidence was the completion of a project. The students learned what was expected; for example learning how to solve problems and work in groups.

3.Sometimes during class time, instructional goals were changed to compensate for a piece of equipment not working properly or there was a break in class time due to assemblies, fire drills, and other alarms but 98% of the time the instructions did not alter.

4.If I had the opportunity to reteach this year again, to this same group of students, the only thing I would do differently would be to request smaller classes, and have the students work more in smaller groups.
Below is an evaluation rubric for assessing student work
Assessment Rubric                                      


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