Locating Resources

  • Academic Earth contains lecture videos from many of the world’s greatest professors. Copyright varies on this website from video to video.
  • CK12 Open Content Textbooks from the CK12 Foundation aims to reduce the cost of textbook materials by providing complete textbooks that are open and completely customizable. The site includes a complete set of math and science textbooks that are free and completely open to use (aligned with California teaching standards). Student and teacher textbooks may be found that include pictures and links to external sites.
  • Connexions is a website that allows people to view and share educational material. Anyone may view or contribute to material on the site. Users will need to create a free account to gain access.
  • Creative Commons Homepage is a general search engine that allows you to find things that are creative commons licensed. Below the search field, one can choose ahead of time what types of licenses he or she are seeking. When typed into the search engine, it returns a page with multiple tabs showing the results under Google, Flickr, Wikipedia Commons and others.
  • Creative Commons Search is another means for conducting a search through Creative Commons. Users can uncheck the commercial option below the search query. Again, it will return information from Google, Flickr, and others.
  • FlatWorld Knowledge is another site that shares open textbooks that are readable online.
  • Free resources from Georgia Virtual Learning that have been offered and yield great results.
  • Conducting an Google Advanced Search targeting OER is a worthwhile method of locating rich resources. Locate the usage rights field (users may have to expand the list at the bottom). Select free to use, share, or modify.
  • Khan Academy houses many videos and practice problems related to a variety of topics.
  • Mountain Heights Academy shares courses such as English, Algebra, Geography, Computer Technology, and Earth Systems.
  • Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching or MERLOT is a fabulous resource with learning communities and thousands of resources. A search for DNA replication yielded 35 results. The results are peer rated using stars (like Amazon).
  • The Open Course Library OER Matrix contains a spreadsheet of OER resources organized by subject.
  • Open Doors Group is an informal association of educational, non-profit, for-profit, and governmental institutions with the purpose of promoting education. There are quite a few math resources on this page.
  • OER Commons is an OER search engine with many resources. For example, a search for DNA replication yielded 30 results with links to articles, videos and other resources on several levels.
  • OpenTapestry is a powerful OER search engine. This resource also includes an OER suggestor.
  • The Orange Grove is a repository created by educators in Florida. The site includes openly available resources including textbooks.
  • Peer to Peer University (P2PU) is a nonprofit online open learning community, a veritable virtual university for the Web. Constructed by an open community, P2PU offers learning by everyone, for everyone, about almost anything–completely free.
  • TeacherTube is similar to YouTube, but is more focused upon educational content. This site may also help when schools block access to YouTube.
  • Wolfram Alpha is a website that can do some amazing things especially for math and science.




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