Welcome to Engineering

Dear Parent;


Your student is to be commended for enrolling in the Engineering program at this school.  He/she has a unique learning opportunity.  While academically rigorous, our classes are quite relevant to a wide variety of career opportunities and academic disciplines.  Some of our college prep students take these classes as electives, while some of our tech prep students take them as a career track.  One group that seems to benefit most is the students that are seeking both seals on their diplomas.  Please permit me to inform you about some of the features of our program.


Scope: Engineering Technology is both used and taught in exploring such applications as electricity and electronics, computer-aided drafting (CAD), quality control, robotics, computer numerical control (CNC), Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), and many others.  Students experience a variety of introductory experiences with current manufacturing technologies, and they can progress to focus on particular technological applications in some depth.


Environment: The lab in which your child will work is spacious, well-equipped, and inviting.  It is different from other classrooms in the school.  It features a classroom seating area for lectures, presentations, and demonstrations, and there are networked modular workstations where students work individually or in pairs at the various manufacturing applications.  There is also a small materials processing where machine tools are used to introduce production techniques and processes.  Background music helps to give the center the feeling of a business-industrial complex.  I invite you to visit this business-like atmosphere when there is an open house or on one of your regular visits to the school.


Responsibility: Course requirements are explained to students in advance and in detail.  Students are given sufficient time to complete all assignments.  Although your child is given some freedom to work at his/her own pace in this environment, such freedom requires personal responsibility.  As in the workplace, each student is responsible for his/her own behavior and performance.


Teaching: The teacher is an integral part of this learning environment.  Rarely just a lecturer, he is most often a facilitator of learning, helping your student to learn contextually by applying math, communications, and social skills, while utilizing scientific and engineering principles to solve problems and explore manufacturing processes.


Learning: Most importantly, your student will begin the year with a period of familiarization and move to some individual selections in their learning.  They will first become familiar with the teacher, the lab, the tools, the rules, and procedures.  They will then explore their use of the computer as a technological tool.  Although some students may encounter information or skills with which they are already familiar, they are able to assist others who are learning these skills for the first time.  Only then can they participate in activities and experiences, chosen by both the teacher and the student, which will aid them in their selection and elimination of interests that may shape their future career choices.


Please encourage your child to demonstrate their personal maturity, individual responsibility, and educational curiosity in this class.  Technology is their future – Education gets them there.  They have begun an incredible, almost limitless journey.



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