Synchronous Session

All synchronous* sessions must be planned and kept simple.

It is easy for a participant to interject questions that would send the discussion in another direction. For that reason, a limited response is sometimes given to the participant or all questions are directed to a “Parking lot” and the moderator will pick and choose the appropriate time for a response.

It would also be a good idea for moderators  understand  how to use the software and all equipment associated with online instruction, especially the microphones, which I have experienced sometime do not work properly.

 It is a good idea to arrive early for online forums because after a certain time the moderator has the option to close the doors and not allow any more participants to enter the session. can loose an audience quickly if there are audio, video, connection problems

 Video tape the session in case some participants loose their connection and then upload the session  to your blog, YouTube, or Cloud so that the participants can  log on to view the session. You may want  periodically mention this in the forum 

                                     Other etiquettes for synchronous  sessions

  • Ask participants to also perform a check of their equipment (headphone, microphones, video, etc…) as they are joining the session.
  • Helping to reduce interruptions during the session as students are not always using the same computer.
  • Focus on discussions and lessons that are engaging. Always remember that technology is merely a means to facilitate instruction, promoting the exchange of ideas and information, rather than the central feature of the session.
  • Be aware of time as well as participants’ various learning styles.
  • Be concise. A session should not drag on for hours with the instructor lecturing.
  • Take advantage of any and all training involving the platform as continual upgrades occur and new tools appear.



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