Ongoing Communications


Effective communication remains an essential part of online instruction because of the following reasons

1) It is proactive, meaning that it is self initiated and that is  a good thing.

2)It keeps everyone on the same page, meaning all stakeholders are currently updated or will consistently  be updated at particular times

3) You get essential feedback, which is necessary in communicating .

4) Organizations  and people work better together   when everyone is informed properly
An example of an ongoing communication that could be sent to stakeholder would be:
Dear Stakeholder:
Please plan to be in attendance for our annual stakeholders meeting .We are proud to have your support and participation of our program. Please bring your ideas and be willing to discuss the items listed below.

1)Job Shadowing Experiences
2)Possible worksites for students
3)Business Partners for Sponsorship
4)Online or offline community service
This type of correspondence could be held at a physical location or online in a virtual classroom setting .


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