Discussions serve an important asset to the online experience for it gives each participant a voice in the discussion.

Participant will not fear being judged by peers because they cannot be seen. Also, more true feelings  or a more in-depth  discussion can surface when the poster is anonymous.

A far as a teaching tool, the discussion forum parallels and surpasses  fixed location forums where as the audience can be limited and responses queued. The moderator can answer questions at certain intervals when the attendees put their questions in the parking lot

It can be a very effective teaching tool when used appropriately. One effective way is to give each participant a  limited number of questions . One ineffective way is not let the audience ask questions 

 Some best practices for facilitating forums online is to have more than one moderator to not bore the audience, have some video or nice graphics to keep the audience attentive, make sure all video, audio, computer passwords, are up yo date and have an ITs present at all remote locations to solve connection problems





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