Deciding on a Learning Management System

The decision of choosing the optimal LMS is a very difficult decision to make unless you are on  the  selection committee. The final decision of choosing a LMS would  be dependent upon result and reviews from other schools, recommendations from colleagues, voting consensus from committee members,  administrators  conferences, and the board of education stipulations .

                        Below are the top 10  LMS

1)Absorb LMS

SCORM Tin Can compliant LMS with full support for mobile devices with HTML5

Centrally manage the entire process of creating, delivering, and tracking online and offline training programs.

Use a Learning Management System (LMS) with integrated social learning to increase your ROI. Easy to Use | Unlimited Users | Free 

Compact package that allows you to quickly load and deploy content to internal and external users with minimal administration effort.

Administrate is a Training Management and Administration Solution built just for training providers.

Deliver, track and manage all of your online and instructor led training programs.

Ideal for B2B and B2C training vendors. Multi-portal LMS makes it easy to service multiple clients. Sell e-learning using Shopify.

A learning management system that helps you identify skill gaps and verify that your training programs have impacted performance

9)Litmos LMS

Web-based elearning tool; easily create web based training modules and tests, manage users and track individual users progress.

Launch interactive online courses via a comprehensive, affordable, secure, SCORM compliant and user-friendly LMS with superior support



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