Communication Guidelines

Reflect on the needs for your individual Communication Plan. Then, construct a general outline that includes the following:
I. Welcome email to parent….
ex:Your student is to be commended for enrolling in the Engineering program at this school. He/she has a unique learning opportunity. While academically rigorous, our classes are quite relevant to a wide variety of career opportunities and academic disciplines. Some of our college prep students take these classes as electives, while some of our tech prep students take them as a career track. One group that seems to benefit most is the students that are seeking both seals on their diplomas. Please permit me to inform you about some of the features of our program.
II.Personal notes
a) appointment dates
b) missing assignments
III.Communication to stakeholders
a) Conference dates
b) Company visits
c) Financial Support
IV. School policies regarding Communication
a) email
b) phone calls
c) Face to face visits
d) Letters
V. Tools available for effective Communication
a) Remind101*


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