Recorded Session

Initially, there was excitement towards being able to interacte with other students and teachers in real time. There were approximately 30 participants  utilizing this session of “Go to Meeting “.  The moderator was consistent and flowing in his presentations, and answering questions as they appeared in his queue, but there was a problems interacting with the moderator. There were timing problems, network connection problems and audio problems. Sometimes you could hear the presenter and then there were times when you did not know what was going on.One of the main problems with video conferences is that ” If you are not the presenter, or co-presenters,  you will loose your audience , even though you may see them in the room queue. Most of the time, the majority of the audience is engaged in other activities( reading and answering  email, surfing the net, etc.). From my experience,only about 10% of the audience was thoroughly engaged with this synchronous activity. For accountability purposes, grading, on task performance, check points are added to the presentation to keep all participants actively engaged .The process of recording the session was not difficult, but the dynamics of the session was problematic.I think synchronous learning is the gateway to futuristic instructional learning when all of the bugs have been worked out.


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