Learning Management System Tools


The LMS  tries  to encompass all of the nuances involved in student,  parent, teacher, administration , interactions . The tools available for this non stop interaction are as listed :

Drop box

A folder or area in which a learner can upload a document, presentation, or images for a more formal assessment.


An area in which instructors and learners can delve into the topic, questioning one another and aiding in the understanding of the material. This is an interaction between the stakeholders to help assess that can be both formal and informal. Be sure to indicate which are formal and which are not for fairness.

Quizzing/ Testing
This tool can be used as a pre-assessment to indicate what a student knows beforehand and as a post assessment with possible quizzing in between. Quizzing/Testing can be both open ended and/or multiple choice. In some instances depending on the LMS, the quizzes can be set for automatic grading with feedback already set.  This allows for the learner to see both results and feedback instantly without the instructor.
Self- Assessments / Surveys
This tool allows the student to self-assess and garner what their own understanding of material is before proceeding with a more formal assessment. These can be set by the teacher as a self-assessment or even a survey.
Integrated Rubrics

An informal assessment that can be used formally to specifically state criteria of evaluating the learner’s work. These can be integrated into discussions and dropboxes. This allows the assessments to be objective and consistent, promoting learner awareness of criteria to be evaluated.

Gradebook A summary of the learner’s overall progress yet also contains the breakdown of the grade categories. In some LMS, the gradebook also displays the written feedback.
User Progress/Class Progress

Quizzing and Testing would be the  most valuable in the online classroom because it is real-time and instant feedback.

Integrated Rubrics would be of least value because it would not be real-time. This is something that is done off line  .



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