Ideal Digital Learning Community

 My idea of an ideal learning community would be similar to “Go To Meeting” but will be HD interactive video. The student will have access to multiple teachers at one time. The student will be able to see the teachers and the teachers will be able to see the student. The student could get multiple responses  to the same question ,especially in objective questions in history and literature or where the responses is objective. Also, when  there  are several approaches to solve a problem , the student will get several opinions and he has the choice to choose the best  response that suits his needs. In this method the teacher or teachers  are maximizing  or brainstorming the  “outputs” instead of the inputs. This type of environment would set it aside from other communities.

Potential citizens would have to be  extremely competent in the subject area and not be afraid  to submit their solutions to a problem to a student, while being observed by their peers.




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