Emergency Lesson Plans

In case that I am unable to carry on the daily responsibilities    as a teacher or I am called away in case of an emergency .

These are the daily assignments for the classes.

1) All classes do “Quotes of the day”

This is an activating strategy that get the students prepared for the direct instructions

Foundations of Engineering

1st Year


Engineering Concepts

2nd Year

Engineering Applications

3rd Year

Research and Development











 Day 1… Chapter 1                        Day1 …Chapter 6                            Day 1…Chapter 11                     Day 1…Chapter 15


Day 2…Chapter  2                         Day 2…Chapter  7                             Day 2…Chapter  12                  Day 2…Chapter  16


Day 3…Chapter 3                          Day  3…Chapter 8                              Day 3….Chapter  13                 Day 3…Chapter  17


Day 4…Chapter 4                          Day 4…Chapter  9                             Day 4…Chapter   14                  Day 4…Chapter 18


Day 5…Chapter 5                           Day 5…Chapter 10                            Day 5…Chapter 15                     Day 5…Chapter 19

Watch the PowerPoints  or Prezi  associated  with chapter 1

Find the associated worksheets under Categories

Answer the questions on your own paper


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