Extension Folder Assignments

Explore Elements of Engineering  


1)Choose and complete  1 chapter and  worksheet on a  chapter

 of interest  from Engineering Your Future Text.

Write a 2 page report illustrating your understanding of the topic

 of discussion covering main points in the chapter. You will specify

 a particular time and you will present to the class this chapter covering

 what you have learned.

2)Choose any  series of  Amatrol Workbooks

Study   LAP 1 completing all segment reviews

3) )Choose any  series of  Amatrol Workbooks

Study  LAP 2  completing all segment reviews

4) )Choose any  series of  Amatrol Workbooks

Study  LAP 3 completing all segment reviews

5) 3) Choose any Amatrol Trainer and demonstrate all skills

 associated with the trainer.



6) Research an ancient civilization and the list all the technologies

 that were prevalent during that time. What did these technologies

 evolve into today? Create a PowerPoint presentation including  a

 time line of the technologies and their impact on today’s society.

See PowerPoint guideline in the category section of this blog

7)  Locate  a magazine, newspaper, informational book, or other

 resource to read concerning  obsolete technology, new technology

 and emerging technology .

Complete a K-W-L chart on the reading you complete.



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