If You Finish Early

It is a known fact that students work at different paces.

If you finish your work /project ahead of schedule, take the opportunity to investigate several of the exciting Trainers in the lab.

The Most Popular…………..The CNC Mill

You can always get bonus points and extra credit work working on the mill, assisting others with the mill or just experimenting with different ideas.

The Next Most Popular………………The Robot

If you like robots and like to make the robot move at your command, then try  the robot trainer.

You can make the robot:

1)Play checkers

2) Write your name

3) Disarm  a rat trap

You will be surprised at  what you can make the robot do with your mind

The Next Most Popular………………The Pneumatic  Trainer

If you like air systems and hydraulics, and would like to learn how these systems work, then  try the pneumatic trainer

There are several opportunities to learn different topics in this lab.

Don’t waste your time

One of our Mottos is: We don’t play computer games, we make computer games

Try out the Scratch program and see what you can create


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