Bridge Packet Check off Sheet

Georgia Performance Standards: STEM- FET1-FET10

Use this rubric or  check off  sheet to verify all assigned work to be completed  during or after the completion of the projects below

a) After designing your  8 bridges on the computer

b)After constructing  the physical bridge from balsa wood

All assignments due  November 1, 2014


AssignmentsAll due 11/1/2014

I have designed and posted the lowest  cost of  all the assigned  bridges on the class room wall     1

 I  have started the design sketches  for my physical bridge

Design    4 sides per  Bridge or SketchesFor each of yourBridges Right side, Left side, Top side,   Road bed

I have calculated the total length of   wood need for (1)bridge in feet and inches 3
Wood    cost  is   $50.00 per inch calculate the total cost of   your bridge    4
I have made a list (Bill of Material )of   all  items used to make  my bridge   5
   Weigh your bridge 6
Calculate the  load efficiency Load    Efficiency   is  force/weight     7
Calculate the cost efficiency of the   bridge.Cost Efficiency is the  cost/force 8
Calculate the cost per  pound    for your bridge 9
I have completed the worksheet on   Bridge Construction 1 10
I have completed the 10 questions on   the Suspension Bridge 11
I have completed the Engineering and   Technology  Bridge building Worksheet 12
I have completed the Covered   Bridge  Worksheet 13
 I have completed a powerpoint which includes the computer simulation program ,and the actual construction of the bridge and the testing of the bridge  that will have at least 12 slides  13.5
 I have completed the Bridge Research  worksheet questions on the computer 14
 I have  revised and extended  my PowerPoint  to include this portion on the project  and emailed the PowerPoint to the teacher@ 15
 I have completed the bridge evaluation   worksheet 16
I have completed  my bridge summary worksheet 17
 I have completed the bridge definitions   revisited worksheet 18
  I have completed all the above   assignments above  19
      Mr. Buffington has also signed off on this project due November 1, 2014 20

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