Bridge Construction II

Read this passage and answer the Bridge Construction II Questions

The purpose of this lesson is to get an idea of what real engineers go through when they build a model of a bridge before actual construction. Also models serves as a physical representation of the actual bridge but at a smaller scale

The pins are to be used to holds the members of the bridge together while it  dries


The purpose of the wood strips were to simulate the steel members of the bridge

A drawing that includes a side, top, and end view of a structure is called a 3-view sketch

The structure of a bridge that extends above the roadbed is called the super structure

The structure of the bridge that extends below the roadbed is called the sub-structure

The part of the bridge that is meant to be traveled is called the roadbed.

The Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is the world’s longest bridge.[2] It is a 164.8 kilometers (102.4 mi) long viaduct on the Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway

The point at which a truss bridge collapses is called failure

The triangle is the strongest geometric form, so engineers usually try to convert shapes into triangle to create the strongest bridge design possible

A truss distributes the load throughout the structure

The overall length of a bridge including  the span and the required area of the roadbed is called the bridge length

An  Xacto  knife is a  small razor sharp device used in cutting thin materials  like paper soft wood and art related items.

Braces can be used to support  or strengthen something Braces are added and are part of the normal construction parts of bridges

You will apply a load to the top of your bridge

The load will cause the top of your bridge to compress

Load is the overall weight to which a structure is subjected

Destructive testing gives engineers a feel for how much force it takes to break the bridge, then the engineers can scale up this force to simulate the weight of actual cars, trucks and buses

The bottom of the bridge will try to pull apart when a load is applied

Tension is a force tending to stretch or elongate something



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