3D Assignment # 3

     Assignment # 3

Foundations of Engineering

3D Home Architect

Mr. Buffington: Instructor




Project Due  November 1, 2013

            Design   Requirements……

1)         Foundation plan

2)         Working stairs

3)         1 set of Dormers

4)          30 second video walk through

5)         PowerPoint Presentation

6)         Print out your house

7)         Plan Check = 0

8)         Cost of your house


Check off List for your Two Story House

                                                                                                      Check off when completed


____________________________Foundation 40ft x 30ft

_____________________ Draw all walls

 _______________ Name all the Rooms

_______________  Place all the Doors –

______________ _Sliding door

______________ _Pocket door

_______________Bi-fold door

_________________Garage Door

_______________ Place all the windows

________________Bay window

_________________Box window

 ________________  Place all the cabinets

 _________________Some base   cabinets

__________________Some wall cabinets

__________________full Height cabinets

________________ over head cabinet / and island cabinet

________________Add Frames to your doors

________________Have a break in one wall

________________ Add Soffits  to the kitchen

________________Make a couple of invisible walls

________________Make a couple of vaulted ceilings

________________Make a couple of sunken Floors

________________Make a couple of Picture widows

_______________  Put all the appliances in the kitchen

_______________  Place all the Fixtures…sinks…tubs

_______________  Fix up your bathroom

_______________  Place furniture in all of the rooms

_______________  Place a Fireplace

_______________  Make sure chimney goes through roof

_______________  Place a Porch

_______________  Place a deck

________________Add a couple of telephones

_______________ Add a couple of 12” walls as corner        post

_______________Place stairs on your Deck

_______________Place stairs on your porch

_______________Place Light Switches

_______________Add a 2 car Garage

_______________Add two cars

_______________ Add shrubs and trees to the outside

________________Add a large green lawn

_______________Make Rooms different colors

_______________Add railing some where in your house

_______________ Put a gable end over a window

_______________Put a gable end over a door

_______________Place 4 Dormers in the second story

(See Mr. Buff for details on this part)

_______________Add an outdoor pool

_______________Add an indoor Spa or Jacuzzi

_______________Add stairs to a second level

_______________put cost of items in materials list

_______________Do a complete Plan Check

______________  Make a Walk through Movie

_______________Print out Materials List

_______________ Print out Floor Plan

_______________Search Internet for Prices


 Print out house… Full over view and give to instructor//Make sure your name is on the printout



This house cost__$________________________________



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