Make Up Assignments

When you are absent or would like extra credit work, complete the assignments below

for each day of  your absence.


                               Main Assignment 
         Chapter 7 Technical Communication        

Watch the Chapter 7 PowerPoint, which can be located in this blog under Category….>Chapter PowerPoints…> Chapter 7. Complete the questions associated with this PowerPoint located under Category…..> Chapter Worksheets……..>Chapter 7 Worksheets
Other Assignments:
1) Assignment # 2
Prepare a five minute presentation to your fellow classmates concerning an engineering topic of interest to you.  Outline your presentation

 on paper first( turn in your hard copy  for initial grading ), then transfer to electronic media( for final grade). (Save files)  

2)      Assignment # 3

Now prepare a presentation, similar to the one above, to be given to a group of elementary students.  What information did you change?  (Save as before)

3)      Assignment # 4

List 5 slogans, clichés that you have used or heard that could make comprehension difficult for a students who speaks another language. How can this problem be solved?

4)      Assignment # 5

Write a memo informing your fellow students of a seminar (create one ) you are presenting.

Also create a flyer to be handed out the community.( Use Microsoft Publisher)

5)      Assignment # 6

Write a memo to your teacher requesting that your lab projects be re-evaluated for the possibility of joining the robotics competition team

6)      Assignment # 7

Write a formal report about a lab trainer project that you have completed, using the suggestions presented in this chapter.

7)      Assignment # 8

          Write an Executive Summary of one of your past or present Master Projects

8)      Assignment # 9

            Write an e-mail to your school news paper response to an issue(choose one) at the school (lockout  policies,   dress code, cafeteria food, etc) for the “Letter to the Editor” section                   

9)      Assignment # 10

Engineering is not recognized as a profession by the federal Government agencies. In fact, sometimes, a college degree is not even required. Write an email to your state representative supporting or opposing this position of the federal agencies.

10)   Assignment # 11

Write your resume

11)   Assignment # 12

Write a cover letter to Georgia Power Company seeking employment in the Engineering Department.

12)   Assignment # 13

Write a thank-you letter to Dr. Williams, as though she  had just interview you for an engineering position  at Georgia Power Company.


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